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Ice Damming can be a big problem for your home’s structural integrity. When your roof ventilates, it heats and melts the snow that is on the actual attic. As the water and snow make their way down the roof, the exposed soffit and eaves that hang off the structure of your home are cooler than… Continue Reading »

While many do not realize it, the key to a happy and healthy home starts outside with the roof and the gutters. Because of this, it’s essential to practice regular gutter roofing maintenance to ensure that the exterior of your home is free from hail damage, water leaking from roof, and the like. Cleaning roof… Continue Reading »

While sloped roofs are more common for residential spaces, flat roofs are still utilized for both residential and commercial uses. And while flat roofs are often left out of roof maintenance guides, an unattended flat roof is susceptible to great structural danger. Here is how flat roof maintenance can ensure your home’s structural integrity remains… Continue Reading »

With September just around the corner, it seems that summer flew by with just the blink of an eye. While fall is the perfect time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and Sunday night football, it’s also an ideal time to practice proper roofing maintenance in preparation for the winter ahead. By taking necessary precautions,… Continue Reading »

According to 9 News, one of Colorado’s leading news stations, it’s officially monsoon season. What does this mean, exactly? Monsoons are an annual wind pattern in Colorado that typically occurs between the months of June and September. This wind pattern frequently brings moisture to Colorado. The result? Rain, and lots of it. For homeowners, this… Continue Reading »

Flat roof options are great for creating a sleek modern look or a rooftop hangout, but they can come with their share of problems, especially when winter arrives. Though most flat roof options have a slight pitch to them, they still collect more precipitation and debris than other roofing options. So what can you do… Continue Reading »

The roof is a structural luxury many of us take for granted. It is what protects our home and our loved ones inside of it. But what happens when your roof is damaged? Roof replacement is a costly and time consuming process that can take weeks to repair. To prevent the costly and time consuming… Continue Reading »

After a big hailstorm, it can be tempting to climb up a ladder and inspect your roof for damage. However, you can actually do a few safer inspections from the ground before you take that step. Check the hail itself first, once it’s safe to go outside. Small pieces of hail probably won’t faze a… Continue Reading »

Toward the end of winter, many people rejoice at the thought that bitter temperatures and inclement weather are soon to be over, but many homeowners also come to the unfortunate realization that their roofs are in need of repair. Freezing and thawing, ice and snow buildups, and standing water due to ice dams can all… Continue Reading »

Large hailstones pelted Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma on Tuesday, March 31. The Washington Post posted pictures from the Arkansas and Oklahoma storms, comparing the size of the hail to baseballs. Alabama hailstones ranged from “pea size to egg size,” according to Although many state residents took to social media to express surprise and awe… Continue Reading »