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Winter arrived with a bang this year, burying many homes in snow before residents even had the chance to break out their winter coats. You can prepare your roof for winter by having yearly inspections, but that won’t always help when severe weather hits. Below is a list of common winter roofing problems and what… Continue Reading »

Water leaking from roofs can cause serious damage. So what should you do if your roof is leaking? There are immediate steps you can take such as minimizing the internal damage to inspecting the roof yourself. If your roof has deteriorated to the point of leaking, then it is time to contact a roofing expert.… Continue Reading »

If you have a flat roof or you’re thinking of installing one, you have several different options for what kind of flat roof coating you want to use. There are pros and cons to each of the major flat roof types, so it’s important to understand each before you make a decision. Here’s an overview… Continue Reading »