Monthly Archives: August 2015

With September just around the corner, it seems that summer flew by with just the blink of an eye. While fall is the perfect time for cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, and Sunday night football, it’s also an ideal time to practice proper roofing maintenance in preparation for the winter ahead. By taking necessary precautions,… Continue Reading »

According to 9 News, one of Colorado’s leading news stations, it’s officially monsoon season. What does this mean, exactly? Monsoons are an annual wind pattern in Colorado that typically occurs between the months of June and September. This wind pattern frequently brings moisture to Colorado. The result? Rain, and lots of it. For homeowners, this… Continue Reading »

Flat roof options are great for creating a sleek modern look or a rooftop hangout, but they can come with their share of problems, especially when winter arrives. Though most flat roof options have a slight pitch to them, they still collect more precipitation and debris than other roofing options. So what can you do… Continue Reading »