3 Gutter and Downspout Maintenance Tips

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leavesWhile many do not realize it, the key to a happy and healthy home starts outside with the roof and the gutters. Because of this, it’s essential to practice regular gutter roofing maintenance to ensure that the exterior of your home is free from hail damage, water leaking from roof, and the like. Cleaning roof gutters is especially important, as it not only protects the roof, but it protects the siding and windows, doors, and basements from flooding and similar damage. And with repairs like re-roofing taking up to two weeks to complete, you don’t want to skip out on gutter maintenance.

Clean Your Gutters
In order for gutters and downspouts to function correctly, they need to be free of all debris. As the cold winter months roll in, the trees are shedding their leaves and falling directly into your gutter. If you don’t clean them, the gutters will dam up, overflow, and eventual pool.

To clean your gutters, it is often best to hire a roofing repair company to get the job done quickly and safely.

Maintain Rain Gutters
During both the spring and autumn, inspect your rain gutters. Many experts recommend streaming water through the gutters and cleaning them with a brush.

Check your gutters to ensure that your downspouts are directed properly, and are able to expel water away from your home. For areas where rainfall is abundant, consider installing a well for your downspout.

When practicing roofing maintenance, it is recommended that you check your property for any debris or missing shingles. The same goes for downspouts. Check downspouts for rust, peeling paints, and leaks.

Consult the Professionals
And of course, to avoid any damage, have your roof, gutter, and downspouts inspected yearly by a roofing company professional, as they have the tools, knowledge and experience to make your roof as safe as possible.