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After the holidays this year, Rock’s Roofing, Inc received a lot of calls about possible and actual wind damage to roof shingles. If you were in the Denver area on Christmas Day, you experienced the high winds that hit that day and continued the following weeks. On the roofs that we inspected in January, we… Continue Reading »

Roofing doesn’t stop in Denver, Colorado just because it is winter time. In fact, winter time is when Rock’s Roofing, Inc performs a lot of asphalt shingle repairs. There are a couple conditions that have to be met in order to perform winter time asphalt shingle repairs. One of them is the temperature needs to… Continue Reading »

“Colorado is one of the most hail-prone states in the U.S.” Hail season runs from April 15 to September 15 with the majority of hail damage occurring from June to August (CoCoRaHS, 2016). If you suspect that you have a hail damaged roof, we have some guidelines below to help you. It can sometimes be… Continue Reading »

Ice Damming can be a big problem for your home’s structural integrity. When your roof ventilates, it heats and melts the snow that is on the actual attic. As the water and snow make their way down the roof, the exposed soffit and eaves that hang off the structure of your home are cooler than… Continue Reading »

The roof is a structural luxury many of us take for granted. It is what protects our home and our loved ones inside of it. But what happens when your roof is damaged? Roof replacement is a costly and time consuming process that can take weeks to repair. To prevent the costly and time consuming… Continue Reading »

After a big hailstorm, it can be tempting to climb up a ladder and inspect your roof for damage. However, you can actually do a few safer inspections from the ground before you take that step. Check the hail itself first, once it’s safe to go outside. Small pieces of hail probably won’t faze a… Continue Reading »

Large hailstones pelted Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma on Tuesday, March 31. The Washington Post posted pictures from the Arkansas and Oklahoma storms, comparing the size of the hail to baseballs. Alabama hailstones ranged from “pea size to egg size,” according to Although many state residents took to social media to express surprise and awe… Continue Reading »

After a major storm, it’s important to check your roof for hail damage and wind damage. Though hail damage won’t cause issues right away, it can weaken your roofing system and lead to more expensive roofing repairs over time.

Winter arrived with a bang this year, burying many homes in snow before residents even had the chance to break out their winter coats. You can prepare your roof for winter by having yearly inspections, but that won’t always help when severe weather hits. Below is a list of common winter roofing problems and what… Continue Reading »

Water leaking from roofs can cause serious damage. So what should you do if your roof is leaking? There are immediate steps you can take such as minimizing the internal damage to inspecting the roof yourself. If your roof has deteriorated to the point of leaking, then it is time to contact a roofing expert.… Continue Reading »