Egg-Sized Hail Rains Down On Southern States

Large hailstones pelted Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma on Tuesday, March 31. The Washington Post posted pictures from the Arkansas and Oklahoma storms, comparing the size of the hail to baseballs. Alabama hailstones ranged from “pea size to egg size,” according to Although many state residents took to social media to express surprise and awe relating to the hail, others — especially victims of hail damage — were notably less impressed.

Unusually Large Hail Damages Roofs
front range large hailstonesHail wider than one inch in diameter has the potential to do significant damage to rooftops — and the egg- and baseball-sized hailstones in the recent storm were no exception. What can homeowners do about hail damage? Residential roofing companies can relatively easily mend dents. Replacing a roof altogether, however, may take between several days to two or more weeks. After fixing any current damage, homeowners would be wise to take action to prevent damages from future storms. Responsible and proactive roof maintenance should entail an inspection at least once per year. Roofs with worn asphalt, typically indicated by missing granules or shingles with curled up edges, are especially vulnerable to serious damage from hail. Surprisingly, flat roof types and flat roof options are also less than ideal for areas expecting particularly large hail. If hailstones one inch in diameter or more are likely in your area, a tilted roof is best. The tilt reduces the force of hail hitting rooftops.

What Other Household Features Should You Be Concerned About?
Roofs are most susceptible to hail damage, but that doesn’t mean other household fixtures and items are immune. In rare cases, hail can shatter windows. Close windows and keep down window treatments. That way, if a window doesbreak, the shattered glass will not fly into your home. Outdoor furniture may also be dented or otherwise affected by hail. If you are expecting a particularly bad storm, move patio furniture into the garage or under an awning.

Are you prepared for hail damages? Ask local roofing companies to inspect your roof for signs of damage, and fix any problems to decrease the likelihood of significant damages from hailstones. Move outdoor furniture inside or under a sturdy cover whenever possible, too.