Flat Roof Coating in Golden, Colorado

Flat Roof Silicone Coating


Flat roof is power washed and then a primer is applied. The primer works as an adhesive for the silicone coating.

Rock’s Roofing, Inc. recently installed GacoFlex S20, a flat roof coating, in Golden, Colorado. The roof was at the end of its life expectancy and the roof needed maintenance every six months to seal leaking pipes, protrusions and an occasional seam. In general, the surface of the roof was in good shape and was draining properly. Since the roof surface was smooth and most of the leaking was around the pipes, GacoFlex S20 was suggested as the best course of action to seal up the flat roof. And since a neighbor had a direct line of sight of the top of this roof, the owner chose a Tan coating over White so that the reflective properties wouldn’t overrun the neighbor.

Flat Roof Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of a TPO, PVC or EPDM roof will range from 20 to 40 years depending on climate and product manufacturer. There are two options when a flat roof is at the end of its life expectancy. First the roof can be torn-off and re-installed. The second option is the roof can be covered it with a silicone elastomeric coating. A professional roofing contractor will be able to assess if a silicone coating is an option for the roof. A silicone roof coating is affordable, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

What is GacoFlex S20 Coating?

flat roof silicone coating golden colorado leaking pipes

Pipes are sealed with thick GacoFlex SeamSeal.

GacoFlex S20 is a solvent-free silicone coating. It is an elastomeric coating that can be applied to almost any existing roof including metal, EPDM, TPO or a pre-existing elastomeric coating.

GacoFlex S20 carries a 50 Year Limited Material Warranty. It could be the last roof you will ever buy. This silicone coating provides a seamless weather tight seal that holds up to ultraviolet light and severe weather. It is tough enough to withstand permanent ponding water. It will not degrade, chalk or crack from ultraviolet rays. The smooth surface resists mold and mildew.

A Cool Flat Roof Benefit

GacoFlex S2000 White is a highly reflective coating with a solar reflectivity rating of .88 from the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). Property owners will notice a big difference when a black EPDM roof is coated with a white silicone coating. The energy savings can range from 7% to 15% off cooling costs according to the CRRC. The interior environment of the building will be a more comfortable and consistent temperature with a white roof.

When to Use or Not Use a Silicone Coating

flat roof finished coating golden colorado

Completed silicone coating system.

By coating an aged and worn flat roof, a property owner can extend the life of the roof and avoid an expensive tear-off. And, coating an existing flat roof saves more toxic roofing material from entering the landfill.

Flat roof leaks need to be addressed before a coating is applied. If more than 30% of the underlying insulation is wet, then a complete tear-off is recommended. If the roof has been leaking, a professional roofing contractor will be able to assess how damaged the underlayment is by taking a core sample.

How does a roofing contractor know whether to re-roof or just coat a flat roof? There is no exact formula. A professional roofing contractor will ask about the history of the building, assess the condition of the roof and use their experience and expertise to decide on the best course of action. Every roof is different so there is no one size fits all.

Rock’s Roofing, Inc has coated and re-roofed numerous residential and commercial flat roofs. Give us a call if you are considering a new flat roof. We have installed EPDM, TPO and PVC roofs. But you never know, a silicone coating might be all that you need.

flat roof before coating golden colorado

Flat roof before coating.

flat roof coating rolled on roof in golden colorado

Process of applying GacoFlex silicone coating.

finished flat roof with silicone coating golden colorado

Finished flat roof coating.