Flat Roof Maintenance

flat roof maintenanceWhile sloped roofs are more common for residential spaces, flat roofs are still utilized for both residential and commercial uses. And while flat roofs are often left out of roof maintenance guides, an unattended flat roof is susceptible to great structural danger. Here is how flat roof maintenance can ensure your home’s structural integrity remains intact.

What’s the difference?
When it comes to sloped roofs, homeowners can easy walk around the property and inspect the ground for debris such as shingle granules from hail damage, leaks, and so on. But with flat roofs, it’s more difficult to spot flat roof leaks and debris can built up more easily.

Luckily, flat roofs are easier and safer to walk on top of. To prevent standing water from gathering on the roof, keep the drains and scuppers clean at all times.

It’s also important to maintain your roof during the fall season, when leaves and debris are more likely to collect on your rooftop. In more extreme cases, unchecked debris can sprout into full blown plants and trees, creating a myriad of problems down the line.

When there are large cracks or splits in your flat roof, it’s best to call a flat roofing professional that is also a local roofing repair company, as the damage can be extensive and serious. Even if it’s a small crack, flat roof specialists should be called on for inspection.