Four Things to Do When Your Roof Leaks

Water leaking from roofs can cause serious damage. So what should you do if your roof is leaking? There are immediate steps you can take such as minimizing the internal damage to inspecting the roof yourself. If your roof has deteriorated to the point of leaking, then it is time to contact a roofing expert. Fixing small roof leaks now will save you more money and structural issues down the road.

roof leaking1. Minimize Interior Damage
Roof leaks can flood your home with water, costing hundreds or thousands in damages to items like furniture and carpets. The moment when your roof starts leaking is a critical time to take action. Get anything valuable out of the way, and cover up items that can’t be moved with plastic sheets. You can contain smaller leaks with a waterproof bin or bucket. For larger leaks, start drying things as soon as you can. Pull up carpets and padding and air them out, or try to dry them with powerful fans. Be sure to keep fresh air circulating.

2. Call Your Insurance
If you feel like the leak has caused substantial damages or you need roofing repair, contact your insurance agent as soon as you can to find out if you’re covered. Usually they’ll come over and perform an inspection to help you assess the damages and determine your coverage. Waiting reduces the chance that your repair work will be covered.

3. Inspect the Roof
Before you hire someone that can fix leaking roofs, get a good look at the damage yourself. Look for water damage in the attic to determine a possible point of entry, and make sure your roof gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. You should also check on roof flashing and make sure there are no pests or bugs coming in with the water.

4. Hire Residential Roofing Contractors
It’s not always safe to fix leaking roofs if you’re not a professional. If the damage is serious, you should always contact a reliable roofing contractor. They know the best and safest ways to fix leaking roofs and will ensure that the problem is solved. Rock’s Roofing, Inc. has been serving the front range for over 48 years. We will be here to help you with your roofing needs and are experts with insurance claims. Whether you have a sloped asphalt roof or a flat modified or TPO roof, we can solve your roofing problems.