Ice Damming – What Is It? And What Does It Do to Your Home?

Ice damming Rocks RoofingIce Damming can be a big problem for your home’s structural integrity.

When your roof ventilates, it heats and melts the snow that is on the actual attic. As the water and snow make their way down the roof, the exposed soffit and eaves that hang off the structure of your home are cooler than the roof area above the attic. At this point the water can refreeze and build up causing an ice dam.

It is harmful to your home because as ice expands it can result in stained and sagging ceilings, peeled paint, warping floors and/or other property damage.

This is why it is important to have a licensed roofing expert evaluate your roof to see if ice damming can be prevented before you have a problem on your hands. Below are some warning signs you can use to self-evaluate your home prior to having an expert out.
Ice dam warning signs

Ice shield installationIce and water shield is an important aspect when installing or repairing a roof. Ice and water shield helps prevent ice and water from seeping in to these exposed eves and causing structural damage. If you are choosing a roofing contractor to fix or install a new roof, make sure that they have ice and water, along with drip edge in their estimate. If they do not, then do not go with that contractor.