Keeping Your Home or Business Leak-Free

Many businesses opt for flat roofs based on their ease of installation and professional appearance. Some business owners even use the roof as a patio or other functional space. Fortunately, flat roofing maintenance is easier than pitched roof maintenance. Re-roofing a building can take as long as two weeks, so it is important to routinely check the flat roof drainage and other components to be sure they are functioning correctly.

leak-free flat roof in Wheat RidgeWhen performing a maintenance check, you will want to pay attention to the flat roof drains and roof downspouts to make sure they are working correctly. This is especially important when snow is thawing, as snow and ice can block the drains, allowing water to pool on the roof. You will want to check the drains for twigs, leaves, and other obstructions following severe thunderstorms as well.

Of course, roofing maintenance is more than just cleaning roof gutters. While you are performing your inspection, look for water pooling on the roof. If it is dry, look for piles of debris in low areas. To help water flow properly to the drains, you will want to build up low areas where water and debris collect.

While you are inspecting the roof, pay attention to how the roof feels underfoot. If the roof is mushy, it may indicate that water has gotten in between layers of roof. This can cause rotting, deterioration, and the possibility of greater damage later, so you will want to replace the affected areas. Pay special attention to the edges of the roof, as leaks are more likely to form there as the water is directed to the drains.

To check for leaks, you will want to inspect the rest of the building, as well. Look at the foundation for cracks, and watch for bits of roof on the ground. You will also want to check the attic for holes, moist spots, or musty smells, all of which can indicate leaks.

Flat roof maintenance is all about prevention. It is easier to make sure your drains are functional and the roof is well-sealed than to fix a leak or repair the drainage systems. With vigilant roof inspection, you will be sure to enjoy your roof for years to come.