Prevent Leaking Gutters in Jefferson County with Quality Installation

Leaking Gutters Jefferson County


If your gutters are falling off, loose or leaking, the problem could be aging spikes and ferrules. The extreme weather and winters in Jefferson County, Colorado can take a toll on gutters installed with spikes and ferrules. This installation method uses long nails driven through the front of the gutter and fascia board instead of screws which hold better. Rock’s Roofing, Inc. receives several leaking gutter repair calls and they are almost always for gutters installed with spikes and ferrules.

Spikes/ferrules and hidden hangers with screws are the two most common types of gutter installation. The hidden hangers with screws installation is a little more expensive, but it is also more durable and more aesthetically attractive than spikes and ferrules method. A quality roofing contractor will use the hidden hangers with screws method.

Spikes and Ferrules Method


This is the cheapest installation, so unfortunately it is the most common method. Long nails (spikes) are hammered into the front of the gutter and through the wood or rafters. Usually within a couple years, the nails work themselves loose and come out of the gutter. This leaves gaps and holes for debris and water to pull the gutter off even more. Water starts to leak out the holes in the gutter and behind the gutters because they have pulled away from the fascia. This leaking water can damage the fascia and the spikes often tear up the stucco.

But even before the gutters start to come off, gutters installed with spikes and ferrules are not very attractive. There is a nail head visible every two feet all the way around the house. The spikes are fairly thick and can damage the exterior of the home. The only way to repair this type of installation is to get an even longer nail and drive it further into the wood, or make yet another hole into the gutter and side of the house. The high cost of going with the cheapest bid.

Hidden Hangers with Screws Method


Hence the name, hidden hangers cannot be seen on the face of the gutter. The hanger sits inside the gutter so it cannot be seen. This is visually more attractive than the nail head every two feet. The gutter system is installed with screws which grip the wood better than nails. Using screws instead of nails is what makes this installation more durable. There is also a rubber washer on the screw to seal up the hold and prevent leaking.

Seamless and Steel Gutters

The life of your gutter system will depend on both the type of gutters installed and how they are installed. At Rock’s Roofing, Inc. we recommend steel gutters over aluminum. Steel is a more heavy duty gutter that can take the severe weather in Jefferson County, Colorado. We can’t say it enough, a quality gutter system is essential in this climate. We recommend hidden hangers installation method and seamless steel gutters.

Prevent Leaking Gutters in Jefferson County

At Rock’s Roofing, Inc. we always recommend the best asphalt shingles for the weather conditions in Jefferson County and Denver Metro area. We also only install gutters using hidden hangers. Gutters installed this way will outlast gutters installed with spikes and ferrules and will look better from the start. Protect on of your biggest investments – install a quality roof and gutter system. Contact us today for a free estimate.