Winter Time Asphalt Shingle Repairs

winter time asphalt shingle repairs

Roofing doesn’t stop in Denver, Colorado just because it is winter time. In fact, winter time is when Rock’s Roofing, Inc performs a lot of asphalt shingle repairs. There are a couple conditions that have to be met in order to perform winter time asphalt shingle repairs. One of them is the temperature needs to be at least 50 degrees. The other condition is that the roof needs to be completely dry. These conditions are not only needed for best asphalt shingle repair, they are also safety conditions for the roofer.

The snow in the Metro Denver area generally doesn’t stick around very long, so roofing repairs can be performed year round here. There are usually stretches of very mild, dry days and those little winter breaks are enough to get those repairs completed. Waiting until spring is not advised. A small leak left for a long time can cause a lot of unnecessary damage to the roofing deck and the interior drywall. Waiting until spring is also not ideal because in Colorado, springtime is when the most snowfall occurs.

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Why does it need to be 50 degrees? There is an adhesive strip on the shingle that bonds the shingles together. The adhesive won’t soften and bond if the temperatures are too cold. And, if the shingles do not seal within a couple days of being installed, they will not properly adhere. Just like when you leave glue out for awhile, a film develops on the surface. The same thing can occur with the adhesive strip on the shingle. So even when the weather turns warm, proper sealing is compromised by the exposed time.  This adhesive bond is one of the most important components for a wind resistance shingle.

Shingle manufactures will not guarantee shingles that were not installed within the required installation guidelines. One of these guidelines is temperature. Besides the seal and warranty, if it is too cold, the shingles are also more brittle and can easily crack during installation. Waiting for a moderately warm day is the best course of action. Luckily in Colorado during the winter months, a moderately warm day can happen often and winter time asphalt shingle repairs can happen.

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The second condition for a roof repair or replacement is that the roof is completely dry. Building codes prohibit roofing underlayment and shingles to be installed on a wet surface. The shingles will not adhere and the moisture can be trapped under the roofing materials. This moisture can cause buckling, decay in the decking surface and even mold to develop. For the roofer, a wet roof is also very dangerous. It is very slippery and a risk not worth taking. Again, this is Colorado, so just wait a few days and we usually dry out before the next storm comes.

Rock’s Roofing, Inc. performs shingle repairs all winter long in addition to sealing flat roofs, pipes, protrusions and gutter leaks. Along with the shingle installation requirements, sealants and caulking also need to have warmer temperatures and a dry surface. We can do an emergency repair if it is cold and dry, but will probably need to revisit the area once the temperatures get higher. Give us call to discuss your roof.