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Unlike pitched roofs, it can be difficult to determine where a leak originates, as there are many different factors that contribute to the success of a flat roof.
 Rock's Roofing, Inc. is a leader in flat roof repair in Jefferson County, Denver and the surrounding areas. In addition to installing flat roofs, Rock's Roofing, Inc. is committed to installing internal drains, performing spot repair, ventilation repair, and re-roofing.

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Rock's Roofing Inc specializes in Residential & Commercial Flat Roof Installation and Repair

Rocks Roofing Inc specializes in internal flat roof drainsIn addition to possible clogged drains, which cause water to pool or stand, flat roofs are susceptible to many issues that may require immediate repair. The roofing membrane may have pulled away from edges or drains, or may be cracked or torn following a particularly stormy winter. Severe winds may have caused tenting or uplift, pulling the roofing membrane away from the sub-roof and allowing water to seep in where it can cause more extensive damage.

Rock's Roofing, Inc. is a certified installer of many different flat roof brands, and offers a variety of warranties both on products and installation. Materials, labor, and all parts of the newly-installed roof are covered under Rock's Roofing, Inc.'s Systems Warranty, which can be provided on every project.

Rocks Roofing Inc specializes in commercial flat roofsOnce you have had your roof installed or repaired, you may be wondering how to prevent further damage from occurring. Fortunately, Rock's Roofing, Inc. offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help homeowners keep their roofs in good condition. With tiered levels of service, Rock's Roofing, Inc. will be able to provide a comprehensive inspection to fit the needs of each home and business owner. If your home or business has a flat roof that needs repair or maintenance, contact Rock's Roofing, Inc. for a quote today!

Rock's Roofing Inc. also specializes in Commercial & Residential Contract Flat Roofing. We offer flat roof spot repair, re-roofing, swamp cooler leak repair, pipe jack, ventilation repair and internal drains. Our Flat Roof specialists have worked with many local business and organizations to help meet and exceed the their Flat roof needs and expectations. We at Rock's Roofing Inc. use only the best of flat roof membrane manufacturers!

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  • Roofing Products International/E.P.D.M Rubber Roofing
  • White Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  • Lucas Roof Coatings
  • GACO ROOF Elastomeric Coatings
  • WeatherBond 60mil
  • GTA (Granule Torch Modified Bitumen Application)


Not only do we use these brands for flat roof repair, new flat roofs, flat roof restorations and flat roof coatings, but we also specialize in them! We are certified installers of all the above listed brands and stand by our work proudly!

Warranties: Rock's Roofing Inc. is able to provide a Systems Warranty on all work performed which encompasses all parts of the newly installed roofing application including materials and labor. Because we are preferred contractors, factory certified installers, we can offer you the best warranties.