Roof Wind Damage

Roof Wind Damage Services in Greater Denver, CO

Rocks Roofing offers wind damage roofing repair, shingle replacement, tree removal, and more.

Colorado experiences some of the windiest weather in the United States. High winds can cause damage to your roof these problems should be addressed promptly. Wind damage is the main cause of property damage in Colorado, causing millions of dollars in repairs each year. Strong winds can tear away shingles from roofs, break tree limbs off or cause trees to fall over. These all jeopardize your roof to major damage causing leaks or structural integrity issues.

Rocks Roofing is here to help homeowners and commercial property owners who need wind damage repairs. Over 20 plus years we have repaired many roofs that experienced damage due to wind.

Wind damage repairs keep your home dry and safe

Types of wind damage repairs you may need:

Replacing damaged or missing roof shingles. High wind can tear away, elevate or curl roof shingles. This type of damage can expose the roof deck, and compromise the bonding seal, making your roof susceptible to wind driven rain. We can replace missing or damaged shingles to restore your roof back to normal.

Boarding up damage. Wind damage can cause holes in roofs, broken skylights and windows. These type of problems need to be boarded up immediately to prevent leaking, flooding, and other damage.

Tarp protection. We are ready to cover your damaged roof with tarps for temporary shelter from rain, wind and other weather.

Roof repair. Our roofing experts are experienced at making any type of roof repairs as a result of wind damage, from patching holes to replacing shingles.

Reroofing. In some cases, large branches or complete trees can be blown onto house by high winds, causing severe damage. In these scenarios, you may need a roof replacement or structural repairs.

Debris build-up removal. Wind storms can cause branches and other debris to build up on your roof and clog your gutter system. This can cause water to overflow onto your roof and get underneath the flashing causing leaks in your home. We offer gutter cleaning services to help you avoid such problems.

Some types of wind damage are easily visible, but sometimes there is damage that is not easily detected. Damaged flashings and torn shingles may not be noticed until you experience a leak in the roof, or the damage becomes larger.

Rocks Roofing’s inspectors are ready to inspect your roof for any wind damage and assist you with wind damage roof insurance claims.