Roof inspections give you peace of mind

Rocks Roofing has been performing professional roof inspections in the Denver metro area for over 20 years. Experts recommend scheduling a roof inspection every one or two years in order to detect, prevent, and repair potential roofing problems before they become larger and costly to fix. It also presents a good opportunity to get periodic updates on how much lifespan your roof has left.

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Rocks Roofing’s 27 Point Roof Inspection Checklist


  • Proper Number of nails applied
  • Rake edges cut straight
  • Rake edges within > 1 in. overhang
  • Underlayment properly installed
  • Ice & Water shield properly installed to code
  • Proper reveal of field shingles to manufacturers specifications
  • Valleys installed properly
  • Starter strip installed around perimeter or roof structure
  • Ridge installed properly with exposed nail heads sealed
  • Ridge nails penetrated wood


  • Drip edge installed properly
  • Roof vents installed to code
  • Roof/wall connec ons flashed and sealed correctly
  • Chimney flashed to code
  • Furnace cap, collar and boot properly installed
  • Pipe jacks installed properly


  • Ventilation¬†on properly exists at eave and soffit
  • Satellite or TV antenna reinstalled properly
  • Solar system reinstalled correctly
  • All other accessories reattached to customer satisfaction
  • Pipe jacks painted to match shingle color
  • Exposed nail heads sealed


  • All siding and fascia clean
  • Decks an railing clean
  • Debris removed from yard and landscape
  • Driveway and walkway swept
  • Yard rolled with magnet to remove loose metal and nails