Concrete Tile Roofs

Tile Roofing Denver

Rocks Roofing, Tile Roofing Denver contractor, are experts at concrete tile roofing installation, replacement and repair. We have been installing concrete tile roofs for over 20 years.

Myth: Concrete Roofing is expensive. The cost of concrete tile roofing materials has not seen some of the spikes in inflation that petroleum based products and metals have. Concrete has been a stable commodity and is making tile a very good choice for roofing.

Concrete is impact resistant and only gets more durable as it ages. The impact resistance and class A fire resistance may qualify for a reduced insurance rate with your provider.

Tile ages very gracefully and contributes to a home value. The sheer thickness of tile keeps attics 10 to 30 degrees cooler than other roofing materials. Concrete roofing has been installed for over 1000 years due to its strength and durability.

Colorado is fortunate to have Westile manufacturing tiles here in Littleton since 1981. This helps in local education, jobs, and reduced transportation costs. Westile has a very nice showroom at their production facility.