Hail Damage Roof

Colorado Hail Storm Damage Roof Replacement and Repair

Regardless of the size of hail that has pummeled your roof, you may have hail roof damage. Any hail storm has the ability to cause shingle delimitation, granule displacement, or impact dents. Slate or wood shingles can experience cracks and fall apart. A hail storm usually involves strong winds that can cause shingles to be blown off or curled. These can all cause structural problems, leaks and other issues with your roof, and this type of damage should be fixed immediately.

To the untrained eye, a roof may appear to be fine with no hail damage. In addition, hail damaged roofs may not create problems right away, it may take months or years for the damage to begin affecting your home.

We provide rapid response for hail damage repair, roof leaks, and inspections.

Hail Damage Services

  • Free Inspection of your roof.
  • Inspection covers examination of shingles, tiles, flashing, chimneys, skylights, vent hoods and stacks
  • Free estimate for any roof repairs or replacement.
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Fast response and expert roof repair or replacement

Hail damage roof inspection

If you have experienced a hail storm in your area, and suspect you may have hail damage to your roof, it is recommended that you have your roof inspected a licensed and experienced roofing company such as Rocks and your insurance company as early as possible. Also, you should enact any temporary repair problems quickly. Rocks Roofing provides free hail damage roof inspections and estimates in the Denver metro and Colorado Front Range areas.

Hail Damage Repair in Denver Metro

We provide expert roofing repair for storm damage. Severe hail storms can damage roof shingles and other roof structures (flashing, gutters, skylights, vent hoods). Colorado is one of the top five hail states in America.

If you have been through a significant hail storm, the first thing to investigate is whether or not the hail damage created a roof leaks. This is important because a leaking roof can eventually cause damage to the interior of your home in the ceilings, drywall, etc. If you’re fortunate enough to have no leaks, you still may have hail damage to the shingles, tiles, etc. It is advisable to contact a reputable roofing company like Rocks Roofing to have an inspection done on your roof.

Our expert roofers will do a thorough examination of your roof and look for any indications of hail damage. Our professional roof inspectors will be able to provide you with the recommended course of action, based on the hail damage, whether it be roof repair or roof replacement.

Hail damage varies depending on the roof type

Hail damage affects different roof materials in different ways. Our expert roof inspection team has over 20 years experience in roof hail damage.

Homes in the same neighborhood can also have varying damage from a hail storm. This is due to the fact each home may be hit differently based on the wind pattern that is delivering the hail, the position of your home, etc.

Asphalt shingle hail damage

The most common type of hail damage to shingles is crushed or dented areas where the granules are blow away or smashed into the shingle. Hail can also create cracked tabs or torn shingles. The purpose of the granules is to protect the roof from UV degradation, and hail damage can shorten the life of shingles. This type of damage usually results in an accepted insurance claim to repair or replace the roof.

Slate roof hail damage

Hail can create cracks in slate and may cause slates to break away from their fasteners and fall off the roof.

Wood shingle hail damage

Hail causes wood shingles to crack resulting in shingles breaking loose.

Slate roof hail damage

Hail can create cracks in slate and may cause slates to break away from their fasteners and fall off the roof.

Hail damage repair cost