Gutter Guards

Keep debris out of your gutters!

Gutter guards are an add-on feature that prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from clogging your gutters causing them to overflow. We offer gutter guards, gutter screens, gutter filters, and gutter covers.

How Do Gutter Covers Work?

Rain gutters have been used for several hundred years. The materials used have evolved from stone, zinc and wood, to today’s aluminum, galvanized steel, or copper. With the very first gutters and today’s, the gutters have always needed to be cleaned of leaves, twigs, pine needles, seeds, and other debris.

Over time gutter guards, gutter covers, gutter screens, and gutter filters have been invented that allow water to pass through into the gutter but catch the debris being carried by the water.

Gutter covers are designed to allow debris to fall outside the rain gutter but the water falls inside the gutter.

Gutter screens use a flat sheet made of metal, vinyl or plastic with holes. Debris that is larger than the holes is prevented from entering the gutter, while allowing the water to pass through.

Gutter filters use open cell foam that fills the top of the gutter. The only material that can fit through the foam are the smallest bits of material, smaller than the super small foam cell size. The debris that is too large to enter stays on top, dries out, and is blown away by the wind.

Each gutter protection system has features that are better suited to different homes and gutter systems. They all help you avoid water drainage problems from your roof that may damage your basement, foundation, soffits, and walls. Keep in mind all of these gutter protection systems do not entirely eliminate gutter cleaning and maintenance. You will still have to clean them, just not as often.

Avoid gutter cleaning

One of the seasonal chores a homeowner needs to do is clean out the rain gutters on their house. The purpose of the rain gutter is to collect the rain or snowmelt that falls on your roof and channel it down the downspouts and away from your home’s foundation and walls.

However, all the other things that fall onto your roof can collect in the gutter too and build up over time. Debris such as tree leaves, pine needles, twigs, flowers, seeds and seed pods, and other items. Small debris catches and collects more debris, and eventually can clog your gutter and create water overflows.

Gutter protection systems allow you to avoid seasonal gutter cleaning. Installing these systems allow the water to flow freely into the gutter and down the downspout like it is supposed to do.

You don’t have to climb up a ladder and remove all the debris from your rain gutters. There are definitely safety concerns to consider when climbing up ladders and removing debris from gutters. Also, you can save the time and labor of having to cleaning your gutters once or twice a year.

Types of gutter guards

Gutter Guards & Covers

LeafGuard is an effective solution for preventing gutter clogs and overflowing gutters. They feature a curved debris shedding hood that fits over the gutter. It is a one-piece seamless system prevents leaves, pine needles, sticks, and other debris from getting inside gutters. This allows rainwater to fall freely into the gutters, down the spouts, and safely away from your home.

Screen Guards

There are a variety of screen and mesh guards that are made from aluminum or steel. They work on all types of gutters. They can handle the heaviest of rains, and are effective in keeping out large and small debris including pine needles, seed pods, and shingle grit.

Gutter Filters