Roofing Warranty Denver Colorado

After 50 plus years and thousands of roofing projects along the Colorado Front Range, Rocks Roofing has encountered every possible roofing installation, replacement and repair scenario. We know what how to make sure your roofing system will perform well and last a long time in Colorado’s weather.

Educate yourself of roofing warranties

Not all roofing companies are created equally. Most likely, you are receiving multiple estimates and bids for your roofing project. When you consider these proposals for your roof, make sure you do a comparison analysis.

Questions to ask include:

Are the other bids your are receiving from contractors certified by the manufacturer?

Do they offer premium warranties?

What type of workmanship warranty is being offered?

Before you select a roofing contractor and materials, learn about the manufacturer warranty and the workmanship warranty. A new roof is a major and long-term decision, and making the right decisions could save you significant amounts of money if your roof develops any problems.

Manufacturer’s warranty

A Manufacturer’s warranty is offered by the roofing material manufacturer and protects the homeowner should any problems arise due to defects in the roofing products.

The coverage a manufactuer’s warranty offers will vary by the brand. For example, many brands offer Lifetime limited warranties on shingles, but offer a 20-30 year limited warranty on other shingles such as 3-tab.

Each warranty has their own specific terms and conditions, so it behooves the homeowner to learn about the warranty. Also, some warranties are non-transferable while others are transferable when home ownership changes hands.

Workmanship warranty

A Workmanship warranty is offered by the roofing contractor as a guarantee against problems that develop due to faulty installation. This type of warranty is an indicator of the roofing company’s confidence in their craftsmanship, experience, and expertise.

What warranties does Rocks Roofing offer?

In general, we offer a Lifetime material warranty and up to 20 year labor warranty available on projects that qualify. Manufactuer’s warranties are available. Please contact us for details.