Benefits of Cool Roofs

Cool roofs has been designed to reflect absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight than traditional roofing materials. They can be made with highly reflective paint, sheet coverings, or highly reflective tiles or shingles.

There are many benefits of Cool Roofs including reducing energy bills by using less air conditioning, decreasing roof temperatures which can extend their lifespan, reduce local air temperatures, lower peak electricity demand, reducing power plant emissions, and many more.

As a certified roofing contractor for many of the leading brands of Energy Star rated Cool Roofs, Rocks Roofing can offer you many Cool Roofing options for low slopee and steep sloped roofs.

Berridge offers many Energy Star approved Cool Metal Roof Colors.

Boral Energy Efficient Cool Roof System. Boral offers a range of cool roof tiles in various profiles to reflect the sun’s heat. Also, the air space between the tiles and roof deck provide ventilation with Boral’s roof materials and products to make an energy saving roof to cool the building during hot summer days and provide better protection against leaks.

Carlisle’s Sure-White EPDM Membrane SDS is the only ENERGY STAR-qualified EPDM membrane on the market.

CertainTeed produces COOLSTAR™, and FLINTLASTIC® low- and steep-slope roofing products that help to reduce energy costs and overall CO2 emissions from buildings. Our white-granulated low-slope roofing products and our CoolStar(r) membranes are ENERGY STAR® rated reflective roof surfaces that can help reduce peak cooling demand by 15%.

DECRA offers the Mist Grey, in both DECRA Tile and DECRA Shake is ENERGY STAR compliant.

By reflecting up to 88% of the sun’s energy, white Duro-Last membranes can greatly reduce energy costs. This makes Duro-Last the ideal cool roof option. With a total solar emittance of up to 95%, the ENERGY STAR® qualified Duro-Last membrane also releases energy and heat efficiently.

EDCO ArrowLine roofing with solid colors, has received Energy Star status for energy efficiency.

In projects across the country, Fabral ENERGY STAR®-approved metal panel systems help earn U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED® ) points.

Are you looking to save energy, meet green building standards or get a better return on your commercial roofing investment? Look no further than Firestone’s full line of sustainable commercial roofing systems and accessories. From photovoltaic rooftop solutions and daylighting systems to white, reflective membranes and high R-value polyiso insulation, Firestone’s product offering makes it easier to transform your rooftop into an energy efficient platform.

GAF’s market-leading residential cool shingle options and commercial cool roofing options including our TPO roofing and Topcoat products. Timberline® Cool Series, EverGuard® Energy TPO, EverGuard® PVC are all Energy Star rated.

Versico prides itself on offering environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products. From energy-efficient insulation and membranes to roof gardens, Versico offers a solution for all of your rooftop needs.