Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance Roof Claims

Below are frequently asked questions regarding insurance roof claims.

I have a T-LOK roof. How much damage is required to warrant replacement by the insurance company?” Typically the insurance company will replace a T-LOK roof if there is ANY damage. The roof is not repairable. It has been discontinued and is no longer manufactured.

Hail damage is rarely visible from the ground. An adjuster has to be within several feet of the damaged spot on the roof to see damage.

Often for claims for $7500 or more the insurance company will pay the depreciated value of the claim. Typically on non-rental properties, the additional money will be sent after the job is complete. This is referred to as “recoverable depreciation”.

Yes. Rocks Roofing can complete all storm repairs.

It is common on higher value insurance roof claims for the insurance companies to include the mortgage company. It is best to call your mortgage company and inform them you have a check from an insurance claim and need to speak with the “exceptions” department to expidite clearing the check.

Once the client has confirmation the insurance company approved the insurance roof claims, work can begin. Payment is not required at the beginning of the work.

Yes. With adequate damage, roofs are replaced due to wind damage.

Having an old roof often works in the clients favor when they have replacment cost insurance. Older roofs are more easily damaged and are often not repairable.

Contact Rocks for a free evaluation. If adequate damage is found, the insurance company will return and meet with an Rocks representative.

The insurance company might revise their estimate higher, but only with good reason. The insurance companies are quite aware of how much local contractors charge for repairs and pay competitive prices. The most common mistakes that occur ( which does not occur often ) are mis-measurements of area, failure to compensate for very steep roofs, failure to pay for multiple stories and revision in prices for increases in materials and labor If such a problem exists, contact your Rocks representative and he will help resolve the problem. If necessary, your Rocks representative will contract your adjuster and resolve the issue. If the mistake was ours, the price will be revised down.

If you have other questions, please call Rocks and we will be glad to lend help to the best of our ability. Some of our staff has worked as insurance adjusters and should be able to answer most of your questions. Your agent and adjuster will also gladly answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us with any questions or request a free estimate.